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(including Micah Sharpe dedication) 1. Giving thanks to God for the gift of their child. 2. Promising to raise the child in a way that is pleasing and honourable to God, and promising to teach their child the things of God. 3. Acknowledging the support and prayers of Micah’s godparents, their family and friends and the whole church family to help them in this task. 4. Asking God to continue to bless their child all the days of his life. A Prayer For Our Baby Son! Let our little son become a man of God, and give us the wisdom to show him the way. May he have a hunger for You, Lord, and Your Word. Help him to experience the fulfillment of knowledge and the rewards of hard work. Let His days be filled with laughter and play, and give him the protection of good Christian companions. Instill in him the ingredients for healthy self-esteem, so that he has the confidence to reach for his dreams and to reach out to others in need. We dedicate this little one to You and ask You to give him all the richness of a life in Christ. Amen Written by Rolfina Birger Taken from “Prayer From A Mothers Heart” © 1999 by Ruth Bell Graham